Episode Twenty-Four: What’s Up with being an Other and not a Mother?

Listen Now: The phrase ‘Mothers and Others’ has generated some intense opinions. Some people are offended by being an ‘other’ This is a brief but important discussion [In a Nutshell] on identity and how you see yourself in the world. New episodes air every Tuesday Contact Geri at Aroundjoy.com Visit our Air Hug Community on Facebook Follow me over  me on … Read More

Episode Fifteen: How Decision Fatigue affects Willpower

Listen Now: Show Notes: The average number of decisions we make in a day is mind-blowing. So much so that our willpower success or failure is directly related to how many decisions we make throughout the day. For guidance on designing your own sustainable healthy nutrition approach, schedule a sustainable nutrition call. Visit our Air Hug Community on Facebook Follow me over  … Read More

Episode Twelve: Counting Calories is Addictive and a Flawed System

Listen Now: Show Notes: There is no doubt that managing energy intake and output is vital to losing weight.  So why is the success rate so low for long term success? One major problem is that the gold standard for calorie measurement is based on antiquated research from the world’s fair 1896. For guidance on designing your own sustainable healthy … Read More

Episode Seven: [In a Nutshell] Confidence, Hope, & Support

Listen Now: Show Notes: 2020 will be noted in history as an extremely challenging period. During this time most of us have experienced some level of being stuck. Maya Angelou calls this being ‘parked.’ Being parked is actually encouraging because we are still able to restart our engines and move forward. Listen to this short to-the-point episode aka [In a … Read More