Episode 95: Eff Aging Gracefully

What is ‘aging gracefully’? I did a little Google search and came up with various definitions,  but mostly it is an overused term that can be used to induce guilt and shame, especially in women. Forget what you’ve heard about aging gracefully. I’m asking you to explore a different attitude about aging and that attitude is JOY. In this episode, … Read More

Episode 94: Dark Secrets of Body Image in Midlife Women

Body Image issues are largely thought of a problem for adolescent girls and younger women. But studies now indicate that midlife women and women over 50 are just as likely to struggle with body image and disordered eating. If these women are going to get the assistance they need, the health care and fitness communities need to be aware that … Read More

Episode 63: Eat Deliciously to Delay Dementia with Annie Fenn, MD

Listen Now: Show Notes: Our diet and lifestyle habits in midlife, have a major impact on the probability that we will develop dementia later in life. Today we are talking about how midlife health and fitness, specifically in the kitchen, can impact tiny changes in our brain that later can show up as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is … Read More

Episode 44: Sh!t Happens & You are not Defined by It with Loretta Sayers

Listen Now: Show Notes: Bad things happen to good people, and not always for any logical reason. In fact, the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’  was probably created to protect us from horrible truths. Guest Loretta Sayers is very frank about the nasty events that she has endured in her 60 years. Loretta is a critical thinker who is … Read More

Episode Nine: Humor – A Necessary Treatment for Cancer

Listen Now: Show Notes: Nobody has time for cancer. This ultra-busy Mom managed her cancer journey with a strong dose of humor and faith and is now 6 years cancer-free. She calls herself a thriver, not a survivor. Some of the characteristics of being a thriving survivor will surprise you. Others will give you goosebumps. For more information on the … Read More

Episode Two: Finding Peace & Serenity With Weight Loss with Jeanna Utter

Listen Now: Show Notes: Our guest Jeanne Utter shares her story of how when she set out to lose weight (120 pounds) She unexpectedly found peace and serenity. She continues to keep it off for 10 plus years. Dessert never brought her peace but this way of life has. She dives into the benefits of quiet time. Her energy these … Read More