Feminine Over 50: Feet, Fashion & Function

I refused to listen to my feet, and they were right all along.

For decades I coveted wearing heels that were 4+ inches, because I always thought  a woman should wear dresses with very high heels to show case her legs. Yes, I was shallow and vain about such things.

Then there was the time I had to be on my feet for a formal event for 12 hours. I chose heels of course, and my feet were not having it. My feet were sending me nasty pain messages to let me know what a mistake I had made.

For years I ignored those messages, until this event when my feet became so inflamed that my shoes literally did not fit.

I sulked about it for a few months, and then I went to see my podiatrist. When I entered his office he gave me that ‘I told you so’ look.  The truth is, years ago he warned me to stop running and stop wearing 4+ inch heels.

I cut out the running, but I continued to do other plyometric moves and wear high heels.   

Then Doc told me I had bone-on-bone arthritis in the balls of my feet.   


That was for old people, and certainly not me! 

X-rays do not lie.

Ok now I was listening to him, and to my feet.

I am gradually changing over my shoe wardrobe to lower heeled options. More importantly, about 20 years too late, I am modifying my training regimen to exclude all high impact activity.

Am I worried that I will loose my muscle tone?


Plyometrics and running are ok, but there are safer ways to get great shaped legs and burn a load of calories without out risking injury.

I actually knew this, because I trained a for one fitness competition with resistance training, and low impact cardio only. My results were outstanding. 

Why did I go back to running and jumping?

Eh, it was that ‘grass is greener over there’ thing.

That did not serve me well, because now I have irreversible arthritis in my feet.

I am not asking for sympathy.

This is a great opportunity.   

This lesson, has taught me to workout smarter, and to develop workouts to help women train effectively without risking bodily harm. 

I am sharing my exclusive #splitworkouts, that when used consistently and with moderate nutrition, help women to develop feminine lean muscle tone. You can have these workouts for free.

Yes free! 

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