#WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday 8.23.17

Creative meals at home have become a renewed source of comfort lately. I’ve had enough dinners out, barbecue, and weddings for one summer. My own kitchen has given me that old familiar feeling of  “There is no place like home” and, meals here have been creative, seasonal and simple. Below is this month’s version of #WIAW or What I Ate … Read More

Fajita Bowls!

Summer weekends are almost over. Up here in the Northeast, We want to enjoy the patio and grill as much as possible before it’s time to shovel snow. Forget hotdogs and hamburgers – celebrate National Fajita Day (August 18th) instead! Fajitas are an effortless and delicious way to entertain friends. Plus you can get your friends and family in on … Read More

Wine & Dine; Effort & Attitude

A few years ago, my husband and I were fortunate to share an old bottle of wine, a friend received as a thank you gift. The wine was wrapped in a plain brown paper bag and the giver merely said “here and thanks.”   After a little research, our friend learned that is was a bottle of great value. It … Read More

Sisterhood…a big part of Successful Weight Management

“The women that we embrace as our ‘sisters’ are sometimes closer than our own family members. They defend us, wipe away our tears, take care of us when we are ill, encourage us in the bad times, lend us money if needed, and support our dreams.~ Sophia Nelson, Huffpost 2013 My BFF’s are family to me. Some came into my … Read More

Vacation: train or rest?

This is a very special time for our family. We are days away from our oldest daughter’s wedding. While it is kind of like a vacation week, it is also is uniquely different. I can’t really explain this amazing feeling of anticipation. We have that holiday feeing going on with a lot of little tasks. While I have the urge … Read More

#WIAW What I Ate Wednesday

I hate diets. After years of being a chronic dieter for various reasons, including professional physique competitions, I. Hate. Diets.  I affectionately call the way I eat ‘Manage Your Mangia’. This is based on my upbringing in an Italian American family, where I like to believe mangia means eat and enjoy. What I eat in a day can vary, and I … Read More

A (raw) Truth About Shame and Authenticity

Warning: This post is raw, and it has taken courage for me to write. I have put off sharing it.  As a high level fitness professional, and a woman in midlife. [that is statistically where society puts women in the 40-50+ age group] I have made it my passion to share my experience, and to be frank with my thoughts … Read More

Fabulous Fathers Day Salad

Beautiful Broccoli Salad Summer time fun often means bring a bowl of something to  a back yard cookout.  This is a hit with my guys so I felt obligated to share!  It makes a great Fathers Day side dish to go with that steak or those slow cooked ribs.   Broccoli salad topped with chilled shrimp. Broccoli Salad Veggies 1 1/2 pounds  broccoli … Read More

5 Ways Women Self Sabotage

In my 20’s my Dad and fiancé were determined to teach my sister and I how to play golf. The guys would take us to a par 3 course weekly, to teach us how to play. I didn’t think it would take much effort to excel, because I was a confident  and successful athlete in my youth. Golf was different. … Read More