Episode 110: The Worst Advice You Could Get on Food Elimination

Eliminating entire food groups or even certain foods is really popular with the dieting crowd. The problem is, it doesn’t apply to everyone and what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. Hopping on a new diet bandwagon because it’s something different it’s not necessarily in your best interest. Today we’re talking all about why we should never say … Read More

Episode 109: Five Fall Favorite Foods to Improve Your Brain Health

Fall is a delicious time of year. There are so many amazing foods and the good news is many of these foods can actually contribute to better focus and brain health. And anyone who’s at least 30 years of age can really benefit from eating these foods regularly. The good news is that these foods are readily available year-round.  So … Read More

Episode 107: Don’t be Fooled: Fads versus Facts

When it comes to exercises that help us to improve, it can be very hard to differentiate between attention-grabbing fads and useful moves. Social media makes it even worse because on social media what we often see are sensational exercises. Yet they are not necessarily helpful. As we get into midlife we have to be even more careful so that … Read More

Episode 105: Protein is not Just for Bodybuilders

We just got back from a family vacation where we stayed in an Air B&B. Are you into those? The reason I really like short-term rentals as a vacation option is that I get to cook, and late summer is such a fun time to explore local harvests. Are you up for some late summer healthy food inspiration? Here is … Read More

Episode 104: Got Menopause? Do This!

What’s the best phase of life? It’s the one you’re in right now because after all we really only have the present. So if you are heading towards perimenopause, menopause, or post-menopause then this episode is for you. Today we reveal this one tip that will make a huge difference in how you progress during this wonderful time of life. … Read More

Episode 103: Female Fitness Fibs to Stop Believing Now [part2]

In this episode, we are diving into five more false fitness beliefs that are hurting your progress. If you are a woman trying to improve your body composition then you are going to want to listen to this episode. You will be so happy to learn about how to use and not misuse cardio, lighter weights, protein, and eating in … Read More

Episode 102: Female Fitness Fibs to Stop Believing Now [part1]

When I first started working out I made all of the fitness mistakes that we are talking about in this episode. If I didn’t share the lessons I learned from these mistakes I would be doing you a huge disservice. Especially because they can be counterintuitive. We need to dispel these myths so that women can stop being so frustrated … Read More

Episode 101: Addicted to Stress? Why It’s OK

We often see the world as being binary- black or white, good or bad, but the truth is that most things in life exist on a continuum. There are a lot of points in between the extremes of black and white [a lot of shades of gray for example] Stress is no different. Stress exists in our life along a … Read More