Episode 134: Friendship a Sweet Responsibility

“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.” — Khalil Gibran Do we really need friends? If we don’t care about living well, then no we don’t. But seriously, what’s the point of living without doing it well? Cue up a friendship. Research shows that those who have a few true friends live longer and better. There is a … Read More

Episode 133: Trusting the Process (Part 1): 6 Tips

We all want to live a high-quality healthy life. But often that means cleaning up our behaviors. Changing is so freaking hard, and yet staying in a rut is worse. When you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place you know that you must have a strategy for changing. Cue up “Trusting the Process” What does … Read More

9 Podcast Episodes for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

With the sheer amount of information on the web, you would think it would be easier than ever to get the healthy lifestyle tips you need to live your best life. Not the case! It can be hard to weed through what’s good and what isn’t, what is worth your time and what is better off skipped… I’ve done some … Read More

Episode 132: Movement Snacks: What You Need to Know

In the real world, we know that a healthy lifestyle is contingent on maintaining a workout regimen with consistency.  yet it can be a challenge to accomplish. one suggestion is to use movement snacks as an alternative to full-length workouts. What do you imagine when you hear the term ‘movement snacks’? Are you thinking of little foods that you eat … Read More

Episode 131: Fat Talk and Body Dissatisfaction

The term ‘fat talk’ refers to speaking of oneself to others negatively about body appearance. Most of us have most likely participated in ‘fat talk’ at one time or another. Well, research now shows that fat talk contributes to body dissatisfaction.  Many women in midlife struggle silently with body dissatisfaction as it is. Hearing fat talk only reinforces that dissatisfaction. Today … Read More

Episode 130: A Trend to Get Angry About

There is a trend that has me quite agitated. It needs to be exposed. It’s the “heroin body” trend. Frankly, it’s no better than its evil twin the ”bigger booty”. Body trends are dangerous. Bodies are unique, they cannot be molded like playdough. People who believe that these trends are what they need to follow, to live a better life … Read More

Episode 129: If You Only Knew

I found myself sitting on the floor amongst an array of cookbooks from the last three decades, and a memory came to me. This memory had me bursting out laughing.  The memory was a recollection of receiving a ‘healthy’ birthday gift, which consisted of a water bottle filled with fat-free gourmet jellybeans. If I only knew then what I know … Read More

Episode 127: How to Outsmart Your Gym Anxiety

Ever been the new kid on the block? It can suck. Going to a new gym can feel just as yucky. The fact is that nobody has time to work through a long period of adjustment to a new gym. In this episode, I am digging deep into 4  common causes of gym anxiety and solutions to help you achieve … Read More