Episode 115: Trapped in My Sports Bra with Author Marlene Kern Fischer

You are in for a treat today we have some real conversations about what really happens in midlife. My guest today is Marlene Kern Fisher and she wrote a couple of books but one was called “Trapped in My Sports Bra And Other Harrowing Tales”. And we are here to talk about her hilarious take on midlife. Get your tissues … Read More

Episode 111: Sister Solidarity Misinterpreted, with Candace Smith

We are here to dispel the myth that practicing acts of fitness and health improvement have to involve suffering.Workouts are not acts of torture, and neither is eating a balanced healthy diet. This discussion is in reference to Nicole Kidman leaning out and getting stronger for a photo shoot. In an article in The Guardian, the author is putting Kidman down and … Read More

Episode 89: Age is not a Limitation with Dr. Justin Farnsworth

We have an inactivity problem that is messing up the fundamentals. It’s not an age problem it’s an inactivity lifestyle problem. It is a misconception to think that at a certain age you should not lift weights. The truth is we are losing power at a rough rate of 15% per decade and strength at about 10% per decade. So … Read More

Episode 85: Alunas Havens on The Winner’s Paradigm

If you don’t solve trauma it is going to come out again and again. Today’s guest has had to learn that. From his tumultuous childhood to his time in the military and then as a young father, he has learned that a winning paradigm is about being willing to re-calibrate his mindset over and over again. Alunas Havens shares his … Read More