Episode 119: Crazy Calorie Conversations that are Brainwashing You

How many jokes have you heard about calories? You know the ones where they don’t count if you’re standing up or upside down or if it’s your birthday yada yada yada. Those are just some of the funny ones but there are also some pretty serious ones. These conversations can do a lot of damage.  The fact of the matter … Read More

Episode 118: You Have a Super Power

You have a superpower. This superpower will be best utilized when you least expect it to work for you. This superpower comes with benefits, but beware because a certain mindset can ruin it. Did these statements get you wondering? The answers are laid out for you here on the Air Hug Community podcast. This eye-opening episode is one that everyone … Read More

Episode 117: When You Don’t Feel Happy About the Holidays, It’s OK

The holiday season is right around the corner. Already we are being bombarded by the media with all sorts of scenarios of what the ‘perfect’ holiday should look like. The fact is there is no perfect holiday. We are under no obligation to conform to anyone’s idea of a perfect holiday let alone a little voice in our brain called … Read More

Episode 116: Your Brain on Menopause

Are men’s and women’s brains different? You’re going to want to listen to this episode to find out what’s actually not obvious. And you’re also going to want to know how midlife plays a big role in this whole brain thing. When we say things are not all in your head, they kind of are lol. Tune in and listen … Read More

Episode 114: The Little Episode with Big Impact

Why should you view your obligations as privileges? The short answer is that every day above good ground is a good day. [Thank you to Pitbull ] Look, once you get to midlife, literally waking up every day is a privilege. Instead of viewing the things that you must do as dreadful, why not consider them as privileges? Here you … Read More

Episode 113: The Shocking Truth

This may come as a shock to you, but I have found happiness comes from the absence of this attitude and behavior. Here is a little hint, this mantra will change the way you go about life. Balance not perfection The difference between valence in perfection can be thought of as the difference between abstinence in the calm ability to … Read More

Episode 112: Boundaries: What Most People Miss

Boundary is not a dirty word. in fact having boundaries is giving yourself a personal property line and it’s helping your sanity your stress level in your overall emotional and psychological health. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at judy@judyarazoza.com Remember to tune in on Tuesdays for a new episode of the Air Hug … Read More

Episode 110: The Worst Advice You Could Get on Food Elimination

Eliminating entire food groups or even certain foods is really popular with the dieting crowd. The problem is, it doesn’t apply to everyone and what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. Hopping on a new diet bandwagon because it’s something different it’s not necessarily in your best interest. Today we’re talking all about why we should never say … Read More

Episode 109: Five Fall Favorite Foods to Improve Your Brain Health

Fall is a delicious time of year. There are so many amazing foods and the good news is many of these foods can actually contribute to better focus and brain health. And anyone who’s at least 30 years of age can really benefit from eating these foods regularly. The good news is that these foods are readily available year-round.  So … Read More

Episode 107: Don’t be Fooled: Fads versus Facts

When it comes to exercises that help us to improve, it can be very hard to differentiate between attention-grabbing fads and useful moves. Social media makes it even worse because on social media what we often see are sensational exercises. Yet they are not necessarily helpful. As we get into midlife we have to be even more careful so that … Read More